Reviews can be overwhelming so I broke down some of favorites into key points.


“I would hire Amanda again in a heartbeat! She was extremely flexible with our slightly disorganized schedule. She understood our style, and was very comfortable to photograph with. She was punctual, gentle, and patient. But most importantly, our photos came out stunning! Yes, my husband and I were mindblown when we saw ourselves, but even distant family members and distant coworkers or random people on social media commented on just how beautiful and natural the photos came out. They truly looked like something that belonged in a magazine.” - Muneeza

“I had a truly amazing experience with Amanda. Me and my fiance are a super shy couple who are not comfortable at all being in front of the camera but Amanda made us feel so comfortable and like it was just walking around the park with an old friend.” - Gabrielle

“My mom was a little hesitant about having a photographer there at first, but Amanda made her feel at ease and my mom was loving every second of it by the end.” - Alyssa

“I am so thankful I got the chance to work with Amanda. She is not only professional, but her talent far exceeds any other photographer I’ve worked with. I am blown away by the quality of her work." - Ari

delicate moments

“Amanda was just completely amazing! Words can’t describe how happy I am with the pictures she took and how she captured the most delicate moments so perfectly. Super sweet and helpful and knows exactly what she is doing.” - Allie

“She takes the time to find what makes your relationship tick, who kisses who first, who carries who home, and she's going to remind you of all the wonderfully dorky reasons why you are in love. It's amazing to have such personal photos of you and your partner, but she also makes it such a fun experience that you end up telling the stories behind the photos to your friends. “ - Meghan

family friendly

“Where to start! Amanda was nothing short of perfectly professional at my wedding. She was so very thorough. She showed up and captured the whole thing, from my wife getting prepared all the way to my wife and I leaving at the end of the night. Her warm aura was a perfect fit with my family as well. You would think they’ve known her for years! Even my shy 2 year old warmed up to her quickly! She captured the most beautiful moments of the best day of my life and she did so in a way that has allowed my wife and I to look back and revisit those magical moments!” - Jeremiah

 “I have a big family and a pretty crazy one. She was able to help round up everyone together and ensure the day went smoothly.” - Kristen