Q: Do you travel for weddings?

A: Absolutely, in fact I have a destination wedding bucket list. Travel expenses for destination weddings will be worked into the package price.

Q: My venue needs my photographer to have insurance, is that something you have?

A: Yes, a lot of venues do ask this of photographers. I’m covered for up to 1 million in liability and I can provide proof of coverage when you decide to book with me.

Q: My fiancé and I are camera shy, how do we know we’ll get good photos?

A: I’m glad you asked, there is usually one person in a relationship who’s either camera shy or not a fan of PDA (public display of affection) Don’t sweat it. Thats totally normal, I have fun ways to help crack open shells. Plus this is also a great reason to have an engagement shoot, practice! Here’s a review:

“We were nervous for our engagement session because we’ve never had anyone take our photos professionally but she made us feel so confident and comfortable in front of the camera. It was like taking photos with your friend you’ve known forever. Amanda’s great personality and friendliness definitely helps make you feel more comfortable taking photos.”

Q: I love your work, how much is the deposit to hold my date?

A: Every wedding requires a $500 deposit for me to hold your date.

Q: How do I know how much time I need?

A: Before I even send you a proposal I find out exactly what you need covered, are you getting ready with wedding squad, having a grand exit? Those are usually the bookends of the day so that helps to determine how long we’ll be hanging out. But once we talk and I get to know more we can find exactly what you need.

“She showed up and captured the whole thing, from my wife getting prepared all the way to my wife and I leaving at the end of the night. Her warm aura was a perfect fit with my family as well. You would think they’ve known her for years!”

Q: Do you shoot elopements?

A: Yes, whether you’re hiking to a mountain or heading to city hall, the size of your wedding doesn't matter so me as along as you’re smiling!

Q: I want to take photos with my dog, is that possible?

A: Hell yes, I would love to meet your pup! Bring them along. In fact here’s a couple of sessions with dogs: BYOP

Q: When should I reach out to you?

A: As soon as you have your venue booked you should reach out and see if I have the date available. Before that, the date can change but usually plans are super solid once your location has been confirmed.

Q: How long will it take to get my photos back?

A: I want to work on your photos ASAP but I have other weddings, so a safe bet is between 4-6 weeks. But don’t worry I won’t keep you waiting on sneak peeks.