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What is a Boudoir Session?

A Boudoir Session is an intimate photoshoot, typically in lingerie but in whatever makes you feel comfortable and you’re absolute fiercest self. I was sick of creepy guys trying to shoot photos of naked girls and in turn taking advantage of them. So I decided to create a safe space for women who want photos of themselves. We listen to your favorite music, shoot at your own pace, gossip and overall have fun. At the end of it all you’ll have gorgeous and badass photos of yourself that you can hold on to forever, look back and think “damn! I looked good!”

This could be a special gift for a special person in your life. But honestly, sometimes you just want a photoshoot to remember you as you are and for no one else.




1 hour Session

Online Gallery of High Quality Images

Unlimited amount of outfit changes

*Albums Available for Additional Cost*


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“How will you make this a comfortable/safe place?”

Great question, I want you to be comfortable and safe so I will be the only other photographer in the space at the time. With that said, I do suggest also bringing a bestie to come along because being around someone you know always feels better.

“Is this done at your home or another location?”

I have enough space to create an in-home studio if you don’t have a location suitable for the session.

“Do I have to be nude?”

Absolutely not, you can wear your best plaid pjs if you’d like. This is all about you feeling empowered so you can wear whatever makes you feel like Beyonce.

“Do you provide the lingerie?”

The garments would have to be your own, since the clothing would be covering intimate parts, you definitely don’t want to share. Plus, once you see how amazing you look, you’re going to want to keep it forever.

“Could you provide hair and makeup?”

I could set you up with a makeup artist prior to the shoot at an additional cost and your hair should be done however you feel best, let your mane rock girl.

“Who will be seeing these photos?”

These photos are for you only, I will not be using your images for social media, marketing and will not have them on any public gallery. I will have a contract signed to protect you stating that I won’t use the images for any other purpose than to deliver to you. If you don’t mind them being shared then you’d be asked to sign a release. I respect your privacy.

“Can me and my friends plan a group shoot?”

Of course! The more the merrier, ask me about group rates when you reach out. The photos will be taken individually but you’ll all be hanging out together.