Meg + Jess


“Taking photos for couples, no matter how much you're in love, is never easy. The moments you want captured are the moments you're completely yourself: goofy, silly, quiet, and ignoring the world around you. The moments you love are not the: 'omgsh smile at the camera' times' but the: 'omgsh I love you and taco bell so much' times, and that's what Amanda draws out of you. She's never going to say 'okay just look like you love each other,' or make you pose in a stiff, traditional way. She takes the time to find what makes your relationship tick, who kisses who first, who carries who home, and she's going to remind you of all the wonderfully dorky reasons why you are in love. It's amazing to have such personal photos of you and your partner, but she also makes it such a fun experience that you end up telling the stories behind the photos to your friends. We definently recommend Amanda! She's the best.” - Meg + Jess