How to Keep Your Ring Shining

Whether you have a diamond, a morganite, a sapphire or no stone at all, your engagement ring should be clean. So if you stumbled upon this because you’re trying to figure out the best method to keep your ring shining and blinging then you’re in luck.

I personally have a morganite stone, which I always say is like having two rings for the price of one. When it’s dirty. . it looks cloudy and when I give it a nice cleaning it’s clear and peachy. I’ve been complimented on my ring whether it’s cloudy or clean. So if you’re anything like me and fell off when you say “I’m going to have it clean all the time” don’t sweat it! We’re busy people.

But when you do have some free time, here is an easy way to clean your engagement ring and wedding band.

  1. Take a bit of liquid dish soap and put a drop of it in a little bowl.

  2. Run water so it’s hot and then fill the bowl with water.

  3. Place your ring gently into the water and allow it to soak for about 2 minutes in the soap water. (Keep it far away from the sink)

  4. Use a spare toothbrush (not yours) to scrub your ring. The toothbrush shouldn’t be too soft and it shouldn't be too rough either because you don’t want to scratch your ring. Make sure to get top of the ring, under the ring, the sides and everywhere.

By this time you should see a difference in your ring’s shine.

I rinse off the ring under water, making sure the drain is closed and that I’m half wearing the ring (not fully so I can’t get all the soap off)

And there you have it! I have gotten my ring cleaned at some jewelry shops, sometimes they do an amazing job and sometimes they just don’t care to do a good job so I do it myself now especially when I’m going out somewhere I have to dress up.