Tips to Create a Wedding Hashtag

Here are nine ideas to help you create your perfect wedding hashtag.

Engaged? Need a wedding hashtag?

Why even use a wedding hashtag? Wedding hashtags are the perfect way to keep up with your wedding planning and then also to keep up with your guests on the wedding day and beyond.

In order for a wedding hashtag to work, it has to be truly unique to you and your partner, that way as you browse through social media, only images that related to your wedding will show up.

  1. #LastNameBound

 If you have decided to take the last name of your partner, a fun hashtag could be something like #PazBound or like one of my brides #BaronBound I love the alliteration of that hashtag so if your new last name starts with a B it’ll be super catchy and easy to remember.

2. #From(whereyoumet)TheAtar 

Think about where you met your partner. Was it at bowling alley? “FromLaneToAisle” or like a past bride who met her husband through aim #FromAimToTheAltar You can also try “#From___toIDo”

3. #KeepingUpWithTheLastName

I love this hashtag because it’s so topical and years from now, you’ll be able to understand what it was influence by. This is a play on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, instead sub in your new last name. Past couple was #KeepUpWithTheClementes or try something like “#EveryoneLovesTheLees 

4. #FinallyALastName

Have you been with your partner forever? Excited to take their last name try #FinallyA____” A past brides new initials were going to be DD so her hashtag was #FinallyADoubleD which is very punny in my opinion.

5. #HappilyEverLastName

Throw Happily Ever in front of your new last name to keep it simple. Or put “toast to” in front of your new last name. #ToastToThomas #HappilyEverAllen

6. #MeetTheAndersons 

Right after you two seal the deal your officiant will introduce the new couple so this hashtag is fitting for intros. #MeetTheAndersons

7. #PartyWithTheLastName

Do you know your wedding is going to be the party of the year? Use the hashtag #PartyWithThe and then add your last name. Another take of this would be #PartyWithThePeters #RamosPartyof2

8. #PlentyOfLastName

More and more couples are meeting on dating sites, which one did you meet on and create a play on that. Does your new last name start with an M and you met on Match? #MatchSetMandelbaum  #WeSwipedWright #PlentyOfPaderson

9. #TheLastNameMashup

Try giving your relationship a celebrity name by either mixing your first names or your last names. #TheChoiSteins #ThePazenech #TheThomalino etc