5 Tips to Get Guests to RSVP

Répondez s'il vous plaît – RSVP When you’re asking for your guests to respond to your wedding invitations, you’ll think “what am I speaking French?!” Because getting them to respond is no easy feet.

I get how frustrating it is, people are busy, now you know how I feel trying to get some client reviews. But nothing is impossible and you will get your RSVPs and here is how:

  1. Ditch the “RSVP” altogether in your invitation, instead opt for saying “Please Respond By” It’s easy, less intimidating and everyone will understand what it means. We live in a very digital age now, half of your guests might not even know how to address a letter.

  2. If there is calligraphy or script in your invitation make sure that the print that says “please respond by” is in a clear and legible font. Script is no longer being taught in the school system so a younger crowd might actually have an aversion so it. It sounds crazy, but do you want them to respond or not?

  3. Have an option for a en electronic response you can create a site on TheKnot.com or stay with me for this one. Leave your phone number in the invite with: To Respond Right Away: Text RSVP, Your Full Name and how many guests to 000-000-999, if theres any other info like chicken or steak, you can text back or have them include it. If you’re thinking “how can I keep up with all of those?” Well, on iPhones and Androids at the top of your messaging app there is a search bar. If you type out “RSVP” in the search bar, every message that includes that text will show up. It’s basically a filter system.

  4. Avoid Save the Dates unless you’re planning a destination wedding, some people who haven’t planned a wedding or have seen them before are genuinely confused. I know personally my husband thought it was the actual invitation at one point (keep in mind, there was no RSVP on it.) Keep it simple, only send what is necessary, also you’ll save trees.

  5. Send out the invitation 8 weeks prior, this may seem like a short time but any earlier and guests will forget to respond to whether they’re coming to your wedding because they think they have more time. This keeps the sense of urgency, they will have to make up their mind right away. It’s kind of like “are you in or out? Because I’ve waited long enough for this ring already!”. .No? Just me? Ok


Throw a joke in at the end: “If you do not respond within this time, please bring a picnic blanket and a sandwich”