How to Decide on 1 or 2 Wedding Dresses

Christina is a former Bride of mine, I shot her wedding video with Cinema Roll Films and since then have taken her Anniversary photos for year 2 and 3. She wore two dresses on her wedding day so I asked her to write an article to help Brides who may be considering this option as well. :

So you want two wedding dresses? Here are five things to consider.

If you're anything like me, then you've been waiting for your wedding day since you were a little girl. Planning the wedding was so much fun but the best part was trying on dresses. I went in to it thinking that I wanted a mermaid gown but when I tried on this beautiful ball gown that made me feel like a princess, I knew it was "the one". But I decided that maybe I should go check out one more place to be sure. Of course when I went there, I found a gorgeous mermaid gown and I fell in love. I thought this was ALSO "the one", plus it was on sale! So what did I do? I ended up getting both because who wouldn’t want the chance to wear multiple fabulous dresses in the same evening?

Reflecting back to our wedding day 3 years ago I think I would have done some things differently. So if you're thinking about getting two wedding dresses these are five things that I would consider.

  1. Your budget. If you want two dresses but you only have the budget for one, that's a no-brainer just get one amazing dress. If your budget allows to get two dresses I would recommend trying to get both of them from the same boutique/store so you could try to get a deal. Pro tip: You'll get an even better deal if you pay in cash. Your budget will also tell you if you can get two traditional dresses or one gown and one cocktail dress. Also, just because you have the money doesn't mean you should spend it. This is something I wish I would have considered more. Try to think about your future and how else you could use your money, i.e. saving for house, kids, etc. I say this because your day goes by so fast and you only wear this dress once. After your wedding it gets cleaned and goes in a box or in the closet if you choose not to wear it again. Another tip: To make my purchase worth it I wear my ball gown dress every year on our wedding anniversary and take pictures with my husband but the other dress just sits there.

    2. Your dress style. This is where I think I might have done things differently too. I love my ball gown so much and as I said earlier had my heart set on a mermaid gown, so I got both. I don't recommend doing that unless you've also looked at other options. Thinking back I wish I would have looked around more. I would probably have gotten a shorter white cocktail dress that was easier to dance in for the reception. Another thing to think about is the color of the second dress and the style. Do you want them to match? I think wearing traditional white for both dresses is beautiful because when else can you wear white to a wedding? But I've seen many brides change into a completely different style dress and sometimes a different color, so that is something else to consider. Pro tip: remember that it's twice the tailoring (and dry cleaning) so keep that in mind for your budget.

    3. Bridal accessories. If you get two dresses you don't necessarily have to get different accessories for each. Pro tip: Try to make one set work for both so you don't have twice the expense.This includes your necklace, earrings, crown/headpiece, shoes, undergarments, etc. That being said if you want to go for a completely different look and it's in your budget then go all out with some amazing jewelry or different shoes for your second look. Maybe even different hair style, which is something some brides consider.

    4. Photos. I recommend taking all the pictures in your ceremony gown. Of course, your photographer can take pictures of your second dress hanging, as they would for the ceremony gown but I wouldn't rush through the traditional photos to squeeze in time to take pictures in the second dress. When you change after the reception the photographer will capture you and your second gown as you dance the night away. Another thing I would have done differently is when to do “the switch”. Looking back I would have changed earlier, possibly right after the ceremony. I changed halfway through my reception and don’t have many pictures in the second dress. Pro tip: keep in mind, that if you do change right after the ceremony, you need to make sure you can dance comfortably in dress number two. 

    5. There are no rules. As long as you feel beautiful in what you're wearing then you're doing the right thing. If you want more than two dresses then go for it, it's your special day so do what feels good! 

More about Christina:

Christina has her own podcast Mrs Motivation which shares lessons by interviewing different guests each week who have taken a second chance on themselves to chase their dreams and live the life they've always imagined. Stories of struggle, change, growth and success are exposed to help inspire you to believe in yourself and chase your own dreams. 

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