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“Amanda is great! It was my first time meeting her but she made my husband and I feel so comfortable with her. I loved that she not only took amazing photos but took the time to get to know us individually and as couple. I find myself looking over and over on all the shots she got and I am OBSESSED.” - Scarlett


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Amanda Lee

I’m Amanda Lee, a wedding photographer based in Staten Island, New York. I want you to get to know me before even considering me to take your photos because I’m helping you create family heirlooms, it’s sort of a big deal.  

My longest “relationship” ever is with Grey’s Anatomy, I have committed 15 years to that TV show and if Shonda is ready for another 15 then I’m game. Especially if she brings Yang back. On the contrary, I change my hair constantly. I’ve recently had pink hair, teal hair, now rocking a balayaged mohawk/side shave thing. This makes it pretty difficult for Uber drivers to find me. 

My hubby is Austin, we met at an anti-valentines party I threw 7 years ago and have been in love ever since because cupid is funny that way. We love to travel, we’ve visited 17 countries together, but don’t think your girl is slumming it, Airbnbs foreverrrr. I like to watch  movies while I fly through the sky (my personal record was 13 on a roundtrip flight, seriously! – I don’t suggest this if you’re trying to avoid jet lag) 

I love to read while I’m not in the clouds, books like “Running with Scissors”, “Contagious” , “You’re a Badass” and “Essentialism” and I’m always open to recommendations.

I’ve been in the wedding industry for 5 years, the first 4 were shooting wedding videos with Austin’s company, Cinema Roll Films. I believe everyone should drive their own passions which is why I started Twenty Two Ivy, something I could call my own. I still cry at least once for every wedding, I’m a mush. I know these moments are precious no matter how delicate or grand, I’m just trying to make your day easy, tell your story beautifully and be your photo-friend.

You can get to know me more at : https://www.aleethal.com/



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