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Amanda Lee

I’m Amanda Lee, a wedding photographer based in Staten Island, New York. I want you to get to know me before even considering me to take your photos because I’m helping you create family heirlooms, it’s sort of a big deal.  

My longest “relationship” ever is with Grey’s Anatomy, I have committed 15 years to that TV show and if Shonda is ready for another 15 then I’m game. Especially if she brings Yang back. On the contrary, I change my hair constantly. I’ve recently had pink hair, teal hair, now rocking a balayaged mohawk/side shave thing. This makes it pretty difficult for Uber drivers to find me. 

My hubby is Austin, we met at an anti-valentines party I threw 7 years ago and have been in love ever since because cupid is funny that way. We love to travel, we’ve visited 25 countries together. I like to watch  movies while I fly through the sky (my personal record was 13 on a roundtrip flight, seriously! – I don’t suggest this if you’re trying to avoid jet lag) 

I love to read while I’m not in the clouds, books like “Running with Scissors”, “Contagious” , “You’re a Badass” and “Essentialism” and I’m always open to recommendations.

I’ve been in the wedding industry for 6 years, the first 5 were shooting wedding videos with Austin’s company, Cinema Roll Films. I believe everyone should drive their own passions which is why I started Twenty Two Ivy, something I could call my own. I still cry at least once for every wedding, I’m a mush. I know these moments are precious no matter how delicate or grand, I’m just trying to make your day easy, tell your story beautifully and be your photo-friend.

“Amanda is great! It was my first time meeting her but she made my husband and I feel so comfortable with her. I loved that she not only took amazing photos but took the time to get to know us individually and as couple. I find myself looking over and over on all the shots she got and I am OBSESSED.” - Scarlett


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