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Whether you had the most epic of meet-cutes or you both swiped right, the only thing that matters is what you do with the time together now and having adorable photos. You’re not a regular couple, you’re a cool couple and having a photographer that gets your vibe is important. My goal is to make sure you have fun taking wedding photos with enough time left over to enjoy cocktail hour. Seriously, your comfort is my priority and gorgeous photos that really show your personality are inevitable.


camera + comfort = MAGIC

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22 IVY - the name

What is 22 ivy? I started taking photos when I was 22 years old, inspired by ivy how it takes over, growing where it needs to— uninhibited, is inspiring. . 22 ivy was created.. with the intention to bring you photos with a chill vibe and make you look damn good.

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I won’t tell you to stand there and smile, I help foster moments.. Moments that get you two loose, I take you back to basics of having fun like a kid again, running around, spinning. . because I need to see how you both laugh until it hurts your cheeks. I need to see how you two light up when no one is watching.

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I take forever photos, your wedding details, your smiles from ear to ear, your happy tears. It’s not about getting photos of your ceremony, it’s about capturing the way you look at each other during vows, open and honest . . ready to spend the rest of your lives together.

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